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Trust Administration & Estate Administration Services

Professional Trustee

As a Professional Trustee we would be responsible for handling any of the assets held in trust, tax filings for the trust, and distributing the assets according to the terms of the trust through administration. 

Professional Executor

As a Professional Executor we would take legal responsibility to take care of a deceased person's remaining financial obligations. This means taking care of everything from disposing of property to paying bills and taxes.

Estate Administration Services

As the Professional Fiduciary, we can assist the Successor-Trustee/ Executor with the process of carrying out the wishes/plan of the creators of the trust or will when the creator(s) of the trust or will have become incapacitated or passed away.

Custodian for Minor Accounts

A custodial account is a financial account that is opened and controlled by someone over 18 for a minor. As a Professional, we can monitor and reinvest the minors account(s) for their future until they become of age legal age.

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Fiduciary Services

Estate Management and Care Planning

As a Professional Fiduciary we can assist you develop an overall plan for management of your property and employees of your estate. These plans include scheduled maintenance and management of your property,  scheduling any skilled nursing or caregivers one may need as well as coming up with a comprehensive care plan with your medical professionals.

Agent Under A Power of Attorneys for Health Care Decisions

As the Professional Fiduciary Agent, we can make medical decisions, sign consents and/or releases with hospitals and/or doctors in the event you are unable to make a medical decision for yourself.


Legal Document Assistance

We offer registered and bonded legal document assistance for estate and trust administration and settlement, life insurance claims, civilian and veterans death benefit claims and much more. 

"Brandy Gomez, CLPF, NCG, and/or M. Jason Ross, CLPF, NCG is/are not an attorney/legal counsel and Kaalund Professional Fiduciary & Trustee Services is not a law firm and cannot give any legal advice regarding the subject matter or give a legal opinion. The Client(s) is/are encouraged to seek independent legal counsel of their own choosing and documents will be prepared at the clients specific direction."


 California Notary Public

We offer licensed and bonded Notary services with over a decades experience.

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Financial Services

Veterans Administration and Social Security Administration Payee Services

As a Representative Payee, receive and manage benefits on behalf of an incapable or legally incompetent beneficiary of Social Security, SSI, Special Veterans or other sources of fixed income.

Agent Under A Power of Attorneys for Financial and Personal Affairs

As the Professional Fiduciary Agent, we can make financial  and personal decisions for you in the event that you are no longer able to. This would include daily/monthly bill paying,estate and investment and money management.

Trust Administration & Estate Planning
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